Haruyoshi Fugaku ITO
Master Instructor

Master Ito began his martial arts training with the legendary karate master Shigeru Egami and his student, Master Hiroyuki Aoki, who founded the modern martial art of Shintaido. Master Ito established Shintaido of America in the United States in 1975, and was instrumental in supporting and developing the Shintaido movement in Europe. As he became increasingly concerned about human violence toward others, the earth, and the self, his workshops grew into what he calls “peace and health activism.” In 2002 he introduced  Wu style Tai Chi into his workshops. The movement and energetic principles fit synergistically with his long-term practice of karate and Shintaido, and led to the development of the current Life Exercise curriculum.



Nicole Beauvois

Senior Instructor

Nicole Beauvois started her Shintaido practice in 1979 in France, and studied at the international headquarters in Tokyo from 1985 to 1987. In addition to becoming a Shintaido instructor, she also earned certification in the traditional Japanese massage techniques of Amma. In 2004 she began the study of Wu-style Tai Chi with Master Ito, and attended a total of three intensive workshops with his Tai Chi teacher, Master Ma, in Paris and Tokyo in 2007, 2008, and 2009. She has practiced and taught Shintaido and Amma in Paris and Quebec, and now works and teaches in Blois (the Loire Valley) in southern France. In addition to leading classes in Shintaido and Tai Chi, she offers Amma massage, teaches Amma massage techniques, and organizes workshops in Amma massage, Tai Chi, and Life Exercise for Master Ito. 


Tomi Nagai-Rothe

Senior Instructor

Tomi Nagai-Rothe brings 25 years of Shintaido practice to her Life Exercise work. Her focus is embodying deep listening, life exchange and creative exploration in simple and accessible movements drawn from Shintaido.

Tomi began teaching Shintaido in 1998 and has led weekly classes, weekend workshops and workshops for peace-makers and leaders with H.F. Ito. She is a Shintaido Instructor and holds a 1st Dan in bojutsu.



Lee Seaman

Senior Instructor

Lee Seaman began the practice of Shintaido while living and studying in Japan in the 1970s. After returning to the US in 1981, she became a long-distance student with Master Ito’s group in San Francisco, and went on to become an instructor in Shintaido and Shintaido bojutsu. She began the practice of Wu-style Tai Chi with Master Ito in 2005. Lee lives in Bellingham, Washington, where she translates medical documents from Japanese and teaches classes in Life Exercise and moving meditation


Michel Van Waeyenberge

I began to be interested in the bodywork in 1979, while I was teaching economy. I then took many lessons of Amma massage from David Palmer, who introduced me to Ito Sensei in 1989. Since then I have attended numerous workshops with Ito Sensei who used to visit 2 to 3 times a year in Quebec City at the Attitude school. All these teachings allowed me to improve as a body worker and, since I introduced life exercise in my massage trainings, to provide good meditation kata and better postures for my students. I think that Ito's studies and inclusion of Tai Chi are most valuable to the Life Exercise program, in which I am very happy to take part.ested by the bodywork in 1979.

Shigeru Watanabe


I started Shintaido in 1988.  In 1989 ,I took Ito's Shintaodo class.

In 2007 ,I organized Ito's Life Exercise workshop for care workers in Japan,Shiga.It was the first time that I met the program of Life Exercise.
With Shintaido I go into the core of life ,nature and universe.
With Life Eexrcise I am in the core of them,
with everyone together ,young and old ,men and women !

With Life Exercise I can do "keiko" anytime ,anywhere ,with anyone.

Now I teach monthly classes of Shintaido & Life Exercise in Kyoto and Kobe.

In the future I hope to promote the classes more widely to the people that I must meet.

Philippe Beauvois


I started Shintaido in 1978 near Paris, as well as the practice of Shin-bojutsu and Shin-karate, then Amma-Shiatsu in 1986, Taichi Wu and Gi Gong in 2006 and Life Exercise in 2010.

I teach Life Exercise two Sundays per month through open-air workshops in the South Cévennes or the beaches in Camargues.

Life Exercise gave me a better understanding of Shintaido, and enabled me to establish the link between Amma-Shiatsu, Shintaido, Gigong, Taichi Wu etc.

Life Exercise lets me catch glimpses of new understandings of life and enables me not only to sustain creativity,  but also to propose body practice to a larger audience

I wish to use Life Exercise as a revealer for the various “ateliers de vie” proposed by the Centre d’Arts Corporels.


Olivier Delhommeau


I practiced Chi Gong in the 80’s, then Shintaido for several years (I gave weekly classes during 2 years), Tai Chi Wu and Chi Gong with Master Ito Sensei since 2005 and more recently the Life Exercises.

I have been practicingTai Chi Wu and Chi Gong every day for 8 years. I gave several workshops and co-animated Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Life Exercise workshops with Philippe Beauvois.

The practice of Tai Chi, Chi Gong and more generally Life Exercise brings me joy and peace (of mind and body). The practice is a true meditation in motion, centered around relaxation and the void: an inexhaustible treasure of riches.

I wish to be able to keep making my terrestrial co-tenants discover and deepen this quasi-magic practice.


Nathalie Chanut-Krompholtz

I started the practice of Shintaido in 1995 with Bernard Lépinaux. Since 2010 I have been following Ito Sensei’s teachings in Life Exercise, in Blois, then in the center that we have created in the Allier, France with my husband, Phil. I use Life Exercise in my personal development workshops, both as a technique for body awakening and as a means to let the body understand the proposed themes. I drew more and more inspiration from Life Exercise for my weekly relaxation classes… which have now become Life Exercise classes!

Personally, Life Exercise brought more depth to my practice, enables me to quickly restore my energy and to start each day with a big tranquility. The practice also brings me a host of inner teachings, and that is what I aspire the most to share: the discovery of all the harmony teachings the body can reveal.

Philippe Krompholtz


I started Shintaido in 1979 with Bernard and Antoinette Lépinaux. My encounter with Ito Sensei happened during Shintaido workshops. The discovery of Life Exercise, taught by Ito Sensei brought me more understanding and depth in my practice. I experiment thence more smoothly and calmly inside.

Life Exercise enables me to appease my being, my relationship to others in daily life.

Since 2009 I provide two weekly classes of Shintaido and now Life Exercise in Pouzy-Mésangy in the Allier, France. A new class just started with the inhabitants of our village. The age average is 60 and the results are very encouraging.

I am very happy to share with people of various levels and ages.

I wish to procure well-being and to transmit this life present, accessible to a large number, that is Life Exercise.

I hope that Ito Sensei will live at least another 150 years so that I can, slow as I am, continue my apprenticeship!

Gilles Voillot



Soichiro Iida

In 1987, I had started Shintaido when I was a university student. Life exercise seems to be a method to come back to true-self by itself and, also, seems to be a sort of bridge between daily life and Shintaido practice.

I currently practicing by myself but hope to have a chance to start a class.

Carole Brouillette


My Shintaïdo practice began in 1997 with Ito who was teaching in a massotherapist school. The teaching was based especially on Yokihei system; ‘’nurturing life energy’’ and later on life exercice. I had many occasions to assist Ito when he was leading workshops in Quebec. It always has been and still is a big motivation to discover simple tools in order to take care of myself and know myself better. I continue my soft and martial Shintaïdo practice, and I teach in my community with my understanding of life exercice’s mouvements and philosphy in back drop. I wish for a developing community in which individuals share their authentic presence.

Thibaut Dubien


I have been practicing Karate throughout my childhood, then I have discovered, in 2006, Shintaïdo and Shiatsu in the Centre d'Arts Corporel near Montpellier.

This marks a turn in my personal research, my quest for meaning and simply for life.

As a student of Philippe Beauvois in Shiatsu, Shintaïdo and Taï-chi, I have been attending Ito Sensei's workshop since 2008, and therefore it is only natural that I turned to the practice of "Life Exercise".


Manuel Bejar


Shintaïdo beginning in 1987 in Los Angeles with Claude Breant and his group. Discovery of something different, opening to another type of practice. Encounter with Master Ito the same year. Numerous workshops in San Francisco and Boston until the year 1991. The base Katas Tenshingoso and Eiko since then accompanied me in all my travels. Pursuing my training with Ito Sensei and Philippe Beauvois I discovered Life Exercise. To go forward deserves perpetual adaptations such as Life Exercise. Today I try to give children (5-9 years old) an approach to well-being via the Life Exercises and Shintaido. An adult group is emerging in Avignon. A small seed among children, new directions for adults, this is how I perceive the work on myself.


Coming soon...



Patrick Bouchaud


As a kid, I was striving to make my life simpler and my martial arts practice better. Then in 1996 I met Ito-sensei,


Jocelyne Sbrava


After 4 years of Yoga practice, discovered Shintaido in 1980 in Lyon.

Then, Paris, where I taught from 1986 to 1990 in Nanterre University.

Participation in many national and international workshops: UK, Japan, US, Italy...

In 1993 moved to Gap and the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence department, where I continue to teach.

When the Taï Chi sequences studied with Ito Senseï started to take effect, my students really appreciated the soft side of the practice. Then, naturally, the study of Life Exercise brought depth and a proper basis. Today, monthly workshops